Saturday, January 6, 2018

Take a Look At The 2018, New, Ford Expedition


2018 New Ford Expedition SUV
 The 2018 Ford Expedition is a great new vehicle to have and we at Car Wash Tallahassee are ready to detail as many as possible this year.
The exterior is a beautiful smooth site to see especially as a brand new SUV. The coating is like that of any new vehicle as well but the inside is more detailed with elegance
The vehicle is a tad bit larger than earlier versions and way more expensive but still lower than the 2017 Yukon Denali. Now the driving performance well....we suggest going to a dealer to try it because we haven't. But if it rides good as it looks then we here at christian Cartel PR might have to go purchase one. Leave your comments below on what you think of the vehicle.

God Blesses,
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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Jay Z Beyonce Family Feud To Be Reviewed By king Stevian

Jay Z song Family Feud is to be reviewed by king Stevian. The leader of COTAS or Church Of Truth And Spirit will be releasing the full audio review in a day or soon Audiomack.

The review track will be the final track on king Stevian's Sermon Teaching / Preaching album titled: the Music Industry Is Sick.

The album will feature reviews of songs by Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Shakira, Lil Pump, Kesha and Kodak Black.
king Stevian who is an Apostle, Pastor and Teacher  called by Christ to feed his sheep, raise leaders and heal the sick calls himself the nickname "The Physician"
Calling himself that reflects biblical sayings in the word where Christ stated that The sick need a physician. So king Stevian has found another way to reach sinners and give them salt in this bland world which gives music with no seasoning. king Stevian stated to many that Corporations in the music industry seek to feed the youth of our generation with negative music so that their minds will be clouded about the truth in this world causing them never to know the spiritual truth of God and how we are supposed to live in this world. Thousands in just 1 and a half months have started listening to the reviews of king Stevian's music reviews and are being fed generously.

king Stevian also has set up a new distribution system which he will expose next year to artist who seek to release music that no one will distribute to Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and others. He said that it will be similar to Jay Z Tidal, Spotify and all other streaming sites but will partner with the artist as stock owners in the company. Making the artist,Pastors and other speakers partners will possibly call many others to try the same as king. From what we know the distribution company will first carry the Jay Z Family Feud Review track then king Stevian's full album over 50 different channels for the new distribution company.

It's about time someone has launched something that will satisfy artist who are being pigeontoed. Hopefully this will pay better. But we will give you more on the details as we get them. Stay tuned!

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Jay Z Family Feud To Be Reviewed By king Stevian

Monday, November 14, 2016

Expansion CitySide Ministries Launches Thier 1st Georgia Business Auto Detailing Car Wash Thomasville

Expansion, CitySide Ministries , Georgia, Business, Auto Detailing Car Wash Thomasville,
Well king Stevian and team has no issues with not slowing down to build the kingdom here on earth. Once said by the king “Let it be on earth as it is in heaven.” And this shows there is much success in heaven of things being accomplished.

king Stevian put the news out today that his ministry has expanded into Georgia and will expand further into it by hitting Atlanta next. He told sources that in Atalanta there will lay the disc jockey service and photography service by year end. He said that Thomasville Georgia was a no brainer but he had to do research on the location and population. For those that do not know Thomasville Georgia is about 30 to 40 minutes out of Tallahassee Florida, the king’s home town where he was born and raised.
Again he reminds us this is not about business but it’s about ministry and usin g the funds to buld future locations where their leaders and leaders in training will be stationed. So as we see Tallahassee, Fla, Jacksonville, Fl, Thomasville,Ga and Atlanta,Ga will be their first locations where ministry homes will be built and located. But who will run each location? king Stevian have not announced anything on the topic yet but did tell sources he has his eye on two individuals who will lead the ministries in two of the cities.
The Auto Detailing Car Wash Thomasville is a professional mobile auto and home detailing service like that in Tallahassee,Fl and Jacksonville,Fl. Doing things like home & car carpet cleaning, car waxes, home windows and auto window cleaning along with car paint/scratch removal. The king says once God gives the vision it’s time to act upon it or it will become like a thorn in your side for being rebellious to the spirit of God. The visions are given for God’s glory the king said and he thrives to give the Father who is in heaven just that.

Well congrats to the CitySide Ministries Team for another launch and we wish you guys much success in Jesus name.You can see their new website for the Thomasville, Georgia location here –

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Auto Detailing Car Wash Thomasville 850-345-4120

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blood Defense New Season Coming After Election But Hillary To Have Another Man In The White House & Bill Clinton Catches Her

CitySide Comedy , Hillary , Obama , king Stevian ,

Album Artwork

.After the smoke clears from the last debate many didn't remember that Hillary was applauded by Obama saying Trump got swept like a 3peat. Really meaning just like an NBA final it was 3 to none for Trump.

Well to go on the attack king Stevian who plays Prophet Politics with CitySide Comedy Crew and it's newly formed comedy label CitySide Comedy  put them both in their place. He was doing comedy but a lot of the comedy sayings were not funny. Not because it was bad but because it was serious. The full 10 minute will be released this Friday the 28th in partnership with CitySide Records. king Stevian who will have you laughing mostly through the whol;e 10 minutes even gave sounds of Clinton in the White House repaying Bill Clinton back for cheating with Monica L. In it Bill yelled like a little boy when he found Hillary in the White House with another man. And this is going to be the thing that is talked about by many for years to come if she wins.

This being the label's ( CitySide Comedy ) first comedy single release let's us know that it will be educational as well as funny which we all need instead of being too serious all the time. king Stevian stated a week ago that the label had launched and only 7 days later a full sinfle is being released.

You can sample the Single here -

The producer got the laughter itch after watching Kevin Hart's successful movie "What Now" which featured Halle Berry and many more a list actors. king Stevian let us know that it's not all about laughter but informing the public of the news that they may missed or misinterpreted. Well we can't wait to hear the rest Friday because the snippet is too short to laugh at except the name Prophet Politic ... lol Middle name Paula and last name Tick like on a dog. this guy needs help well we'll be there listening to the download Friday or streaming it on Spotify if it's not an amazon exclusive.


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Monday, September 19, 2016

Blood Defense Blog Series Coming Back Soon While Car Wash Jacksonville Tallahassee Get Major Investment

Car Wash Jacksonville ,Car Wash Tallahassee , Extend , ,Couch , Home ,Carpet Cleaning ,

Now before going off on the Christian business know that expansion businesswise isn't just for corporate America. Ministries in God and Christ has to be expanded too in order to reach more of the lost. Especially in a terrible time as this one.

king Stevian told sources last year that the ministry he is king of was to expand and they are doing just that. God has given him more knowledge and enlarged his territory in order to win more souls. And having more gifts is definitely doing that. Last month king Stevian's team closed on it's first property in Jacksonville, Florida and are in the start of renovations. But to add to that the subsidiaries of home carpet cleaning and couch cleaning has been added to the Auto Detailing arm in Tallahassee first and next in Jacksonville. king Stevian told many that it's been ruff and tedious but him and his team are hanging in there to get it done smoothly. Going back and forth to Jacksonville from Tallahassee each week is new to king Stevian but he says it preps him for the ride back and forth state to state and then country to country soon.

king tells us that the ministry's detailing companies have increased the price on details by 20% to cover industry cost increase and to cover the new quality work and chemicals it has. But from what we know less water is being used but more muscle too which keeps God's minister's in shape to prepare them for the highways and byways physically. king Stevian says since an investment from it's music subsidiary, the ministry and it's D.J. Wedding service has increased enormously both in Tallahassee and now in Jacksonville so being obedient to God in Christ helps a;ways.

To know more of CitySide Ministries 2 subsidiaries visit their websites below and also watch their demo videos on Youtube.

1. Car Wash Tallahassee

2. Party Wedding D.J. Jacksonville

3. Car Wash Jacksonville

4. Party Wedding D.J. Tallahassee



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Saturday, June 18, 2016

BREAKING #NEWS The king Stevian Birthday Will Begin A Journey Of 500 Daily Devotional – Daily Readings Volume 1 Though 10

BREAKING #NEWS The king Stevian Birthday Will Begin A Journey Of 500 Daily Devotional - Daily Readings Volume 1 Though 10,

Daily Readings Post Feature Image

king Stevian just announced the news of his ministry aquiring real estate property to launch the first official fully owned church home for his ministry. And now comes more news and the king has announced before releasing his last Christian Rap CD / Digital Album ever, he has spilled the beans that him and his ministry will be releasing 500 spiritual devotional tracks which will include classical and meditation music behind them all to compliment the word of the Lord our God.

.The first release is set for the day of the king's 42nd Birthday (July 21st). Each release will carry 50 devotions for 2 months with giving 5 days of meditation after every 5 teachings during each month.So on the 6th day mediatation comes for the readers to digest each weeks study. A great thing in adapting to the transformation of digital streaming and downloads. Many church leaders remain in tradition by doing bible studies in their churches and never leaving the 4 walls.Not giving the devoting time to the lost but this way CitySide Ministries will reach the world in hopes to making change.

The world right now needs to be drawn in by God and He is truly using the king and his ministry to reach those who are in the highways and byways, listening to radio, surfing the net for music and other things. king Stevian says that there's no where to go but up and he is raising nations of leaders in Christ Jesus only with the power and wisdom God gives him. It seems the king is getting away from Christian Rap and dedicating the next step of his ministry to speaking more of the word directly to sinners and saints worldwide. A lot will miss the teachings he done through music (LISTEN HERE)

Well be on the lookout for the first single which drops Friday June 24th titled Daily Readings M1 D1 which simply means Month 1 Day 1 Daily Devotional .

Christian Carel PR


Monday, June 13, 2016

Blood Defense : Into The Fire - Season 1 Episode 5

Blood Defense : Into The Fire - Season 1 Episode 5

Stevian tells Prince Pal that since the Illuminati is threatening to kill his mother that he is going to shut down the label immediately. Prince Pal yells and tells Stevian that


it was crazy to even speak like that. Stevian then asked him what on God's green earth is left to do? At that moment Prince Pal told Stevian that Stacy Weaver just sold over 2 million copies of the song I Repent. a curse word slipped from Stevian's mouth and the employees who were in the room and close by said "oooooooh!"

He quickly said looking up to the heavens that he repent in Jesus name. His assistant just smirked and gave off a little giggle. Prince Pal told Stevian that he had to pray for deliverance on his foul tongue and went on to tell him that the Lord just gave him wisdom on how to out smart the enemy. king Stevian asked him if it was his wisdom or the wisdom that came from God. Prince Pal had replied to Stevian and told him that all wisdom comes only from God and if it involved evil it wasn't wisdom at all. So as he went on to tell Stevian that there would never be no need to go back which was called backsliding if the label would return to a secular music (as the label was before when his mother ran it) company instead of remaining a Gospel/Christian music label.

He told him that the label could buy up all the CD's that are in stores by contacting all the elders at all the churches nationwide and explain to them that they are in spiritual warfare and to gather the members. Stevian had asked Prince Pal if that would look desperate for money but he told him that he knew it wasn't about money and that all would be explained to them. Stevian had said that the elders would just say pray. Prince Pal looked at Stevian and told him that faith without works is dead and that work comes with the belief as believers walk to the end of whatever road they travel. Stevian replied and said to him that it all sounded good but went on to ask him about the digital downloads online. Prince Pal told him that he would birth their first new label called Christ Certified Music (which was part of the vision of Red Blood Records) and it would buy out all the music owned but in reality the label would be owned by Red Blood Records and the church elders would be the Board of Directors. Stevian said to him that that God in Heaven is amazing. He called his assistant in to tell her to send out a press release stating that the label would be acquired by Christ Certified Music and that they would immediately turn Red Blood into a distribution label. She ran out and did just that and the news spread fast as he said it and Stevian got the call he was hoping for which was his mom Ann telling him she was outside. Stevian told the employees and everyone ran to meet and greet her.
As everyone was hugging, talking and crying Ms. Ann told everyone that she had an announcement and that it wasn't what they would like to hear. Stevian asked his mom what was it looking terrified. She told the staff that the head of the Illuminati was one of their label's own. As Stevian looked around he found everyone there except two important employees. The phone then rang and Stevian said "Awwwwww not again!" His assistant ran to answer the phone and told Stevian that it was Prince Pal who was now the head of Red Blood and Mr. Sampson who was given Holy Hustle Entertrainment to run for the Red Blood label imprint. They gave his assistant the message to tell Stevian and Ann that their label was jacked and they have lost total ownership and the list of elders that his assistant called was Prince Pal's list of Illuminati followers.
Stevian fell to his knees yelling in tears "What have I done?"

End of Episode 5

Episode 6 Preview 

Red Blood Records shuts it's doors and leaves the entire staff on unemployment while Stevian goes into depression and contemplates suicide as him and Ms. Ann is only left with a blank distribution company.  He tells his mother that all of the things happened because of him being in Christ and that if his life was going to be like that then secular music seems to be the option or it's suicide. Find out if Stevian commits suicide and if his mother Ms. Ann or someone else comes up with a strategic plan to reclaim their labels and finally take down the Illuminati on the next Episode of...........